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The following example GIF images were all rendered using JOpenChart. Click on the thumbnails and the images will open in a new window. The pie chart is in fact a pie chart with multiple data sets. It is not broken.

The Function Plotter
Check out the interactive function plotter example.
A simple pie chart
A bar chart which shows painted values on top of the bars and a horizontal grid and with disabled arrows.
A simple line chart
A simple line chart.
A simple pie chart
And a simple pie chart.
Another chart
A combination of two chart renderers.
A plotted function
A chart showing the plotted function x3.
An interpolated curve
An interpolated curve showing the original values with combined line and plot renderers.
A bar chart
A bar chart showing custom axis units and negative values.
A scaled window with a chart

The de.progra.charting.swing package contains a ChartPanel, which can be used to embed charts into Swing applications. The ChartPanel is used just like a usual chart, but it provides support for automatic scaling. To the right, you can see how a pie chart looks which has been scaled down pretty far. Click on it and you will see the window in its natural size.

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